This self-regulating generator, will create electricity over a large range of wind speeds. 


Find a friend with basic wrench skills and you’ll be ready to assemble your generator in just a few hours.


The Whispering Winds generator technology keeps costs at a minimum because there is no battery or inverter necessary. 

If you’ve ever considered adding a windmill to your property, but hesitated because of cost, difficulty of installation or maintenance, Whispering Winds has an affordable, small-scale windmill and generator just for you. The Whispering Winds Wind Generator is not only for ranchers, farmers, homesteaders, off-the-gridders and do-it-yourselfers, but anyone who owns property, cares about the environment and wants to save money. Even if you live in town, you can install this electricity-generating unit in just a few hours or less.


With the Whispering Winds Wind Generator, you simply unbox the unit, raise the windmill, secure it to the outside of a building, house or free standing (additional guy wire and gin pole required), plug it in to a standard 120 outlet and you’re immediately putting energy back into the electrical grid. There is no need to purchase an expensive grid-tie inverter or other electronics, because the generator produces alternating current (AC) and automatically synchronizes with the electrical grid frequency. It doesn’t even require a battery.  The windmill has the potential to produce over 6 kilowatts in 35 mph plus winds. The windmill could pay for itself in less than three years, and has a four-year guarantee on parts.


Hourly output                                  24 hour output

13MPH (5.81 m/s)  =     431.51 watts/hr         10.35 KW

14MPH (6.26 m/s)  =     534.82 watts/hr         12.84 KW

15MPH (6.71 m/s)  =     642.12 watts/hr         15.41 KW

16MPH (7.15 m/s)  =     755.94 watts/hr         18.14 KW

17MPH (7.60 m/s)  =     871.46 watts/hr         20.92 KW

18MPH (8.05 m/s)  =     986.42 watts/hr         23.67 KW

19MPH (8.49 m/s)  =    1096.35 watts/hr         26.31 KW

20MPH (8.94 m/s)  =    1204.57 watts/hr         28.91 KW

21MPH (9.39 m/s)  =    1306.96 watts/hr         31.37 KW

22MPH (9.83 m/s)  =    1400.34 watts/hr         33.61 KW

23MPH (10.28 m/s) =    1491.55 watts/hr         35.80 KW

24MPH (10.73 m/s) =    1561.99 watts/hr         37.49 KW

25MPH (11.18 m/s) =    1639.84 watts/hr         39.36 KW


Our four-year guarantee ensures that you get the maximum value out of our product to bolster your self-reliance while cutting energy costs. The bold, innovative technology that drives the Whispering Winds generator will pay for itself in less than three years at a wind speed of 18 mph and greater – that’s a potential 8,640 kw of clean, renewable energy per year!