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If you’ve ever considered adding a windmill to your property, but hesitated because of cost, difficulty of installation or maintenance, there is an affordable, small-scale windmill and generator just for you.

 Whispering Winds produces a wind generating system not only for ranchers, farmers, homesteaders, off-the-gridders and do-it-yourselfers, but anyone who owns property, cares about the environment and wants to save money.

Even if you live in town, you can install this electricity-generating unit in just a few hours or less. This consumer-sized asynchronous wind generator features the state-of-the-art technology of much larger turbines, scaled down for personal use. Once the Wind Generator from Whispering Winds is unboxed, simply raise the windmill, secure it to the outside of a building, house or free standing (additional guy wire and gin pole required), plug it in to a standard 120 outlet and you’re immediately putting energy back into the electrical grid. There is no need to purchase an expensive grid-tie inverter or other electronics, because the generator produces alternating current (AC) and automatically synchronizes with the electrical grid frequency. It doesn’t even require a battery.  In strong winds over 30 mph, it has produced over 6KW of power.  The windmill could pay for itself in less than three years, and has a four-year guarantee on parts.

With just a few basic tools, a small winch, a friend, and a free afternoon, the detailed instructions will guide you through the installation process. Once the generator is up and running, there’s no need to monitor it, as it is self-regulating. As the wind blows harder, the torque of the generator increases to increase the amount of kilowatts generated, It has a thermal switch to prevent over heating. so there’s no need to stop your windmill from turning on blustery days. 

Kyle is one of the first to own and assemble the Whispering Winds generator. Kyle and a friend were able to install the generator to the side of a barn in just a couple of hours. But Kyle emphasizes that it isn’t just for folks who live in the country. “I think this fits in with anybody’s lifestyle that uses electricity. Anybody, rural or urban, can influence their lifestyle.” While he acknowledges country folk might have access to equipment someone in town might not, he says special tools aren’t necessary for installation.  “We had access to a tractor, but we intentionally didn’t use it to show that two people, with a couple of household tools—wrenches and ladders and whatnot—can put it up on their own.”

Because you own the affordable Whispering Winds Wind Generator, there’s no binding contracts to sign with energy companies or local government. In fact, you won’t even have to think about it once it’s up. Just enjoy your lower electric bills and know that you’re doing your part to reduce harmful emissions and save clean water for generations to come.  If your Whispering Winds Wind Generator is generating more energy than your household uses, the excess electricity is sold back to the grid, in a practice known as “net metering.”  That excess cash is then applied to your future electricity bills. (Be sure to secure approval for net-metering from your electrical provider before installing your generator. Net metering practices vary from state to state.)

Whispering Winds is a wholly owned subsidiary of its parent company, OEM Parts Express Inc., which has been manufacturing machine parts for over 20 years, and selling wind generators in the U.S., Europe and Canada for the past ten years.