We’ve designed our product for maximum ease of use and quick assembly. The confident, experienced homesteader can have the Whispering Winds generator up and running with our step-by-step instructions. 

We’ve provided some helpful tips and notes along the way, so be sure to read each step carefully.


Step 1: Locate the desired installation location. This should be as high on your building as possible that permits attachment to a structural support.

Step 2: Screw the earth screw completely into the ground at the desired location making sure the base is level to the ground. This should be 10.25" in distance from the center of the tower on the upper house attachment when the tower is level. It is helpful to preassemble the first several sections of the tower to confirm it is level. The opening of the earth screw should be facing away from the house so that the tower will be perpendicular when attached and lying on the ground.

Step 3: Attach the section of the tower with 2 bolt holes to the earth screw using only the bottom bolt. Confirm that when the tower is raised, the top holes will line up to accept the top bolt.

Step 4: Assemble the remaining tower sections up to the height of the mounting bracket. 

Step 5: Raise the tower, -just the tower- confirm it is level in each direction and mark the location of the mounting bracket. . Lower the tower. Drill your 2 holes for the mounting bracket and attach. 

• It is ideal to use 3/8” to 1/2" bolts which will go through the structure.  It is critical that these are attached to dimensional lumber and not just sheeting and siding. 


Step 6: Attach eye bolt anchor. This will be used to attach the winch to raise the tower. It is VERY IMPORTANT to have a solid attachment. Attach this centered above or directly below the mounting bracket. Make sure to attach to structural support (2” thick or thicker studs, joist, or beam).

Step 7:  Lay the turbine and remaining tower sections and flanges on the ground where they will be assembled.  Run the 2 wires through the tower sections and any flanges. Once the wire is out the bottom, assemble the pieces of the tower with the flanges in desired locations and attach the turbine to the end.

Step 8: Bolt the 3 blades to the hub. Please refer to photo for proper orientation.

Step 8 - 1. confirm that the proximity sensor is aligned with the magnet on the hub and is

approximately 1/16" away from the magnet as it passes by during blade rotation. 


Step 9: Attach the 5/16” quick link to the winch hook and to the flange. Attach the other winch hook (handle end) to the eye bolt anchor on the building. Using the winch, carefully raise the tower. Take precaution: do not to stand under the tower or turbine while being raised. Do not do this on a windy day. It is helpful to have a second person attach a rope to the tower and from a safe position on the ground, guide the tower so that it does not sway from side to side.

Step 10: Attach tower to mounting bracket. Winch and quick link may now be removed.

Step 11: Mount control box next to outlet. Plug control box wire into outlet. It is recommend that this be a dedicated circuit which has no other items plugged into the circuit and is rated for at least 30 amps.  Insert low volt protection into another outlet on a different circuit and plug small black wire plug to it. Attach second small black wire from turbine to control box. As the turbine spins up to speed, you will hear the control box make a loud click as it engages. During winds right at the threshold ( 13 mph) it may click on and off frequently. This is normal.

WARNING: Installing a wind turbine involves heavy materials, heights and moving parts. It is a dangerous procedure which can cause injury or death if not preformed properly.