750 Watt Asynchronous Induction Wind Turbine

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  • Included will be everything you need to get up and running:

    • Asynchronous induction wind generator assembly
    • 3 blades and hub for 9 foot diameter area
    • 6 tower sections, each 47 inches - additional sections are available for purchase
    • Earth Screw to anchor the tower
      wire to both generator and control box
    • Control box and low volt shut off
    • Cable Winch to raise tower
      bracket to mount to structure
    • Tower flange to mount cable
    • gin pole for raising free standing tower

    Not included:

    • Bolts, nuts and washers to attach to structure (unique to each structure). Should be 3/8″ diameter and long enough to mount through all siding and structural support and attach on the inside(attic).
    • Hand tools
    • Guy wire, anchors, clamps and thimbles for free standing mounting
    • Optional disconnect, as directed by local utilities
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